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Ma Clé IMMO will do everything in our power to welcome you as best we possibly can whether you’re a property owner, tenant, vendor, buyer or simply looking for information.

Meeting your demands is our priority and that’s why all of our properties and services are carefully selected. Functionality, comfort, equipment and style are our criteria of choice for rentals. Accurate valuation of each property is our priority for sales. Our various local partners are also involved in providing the overall service that we offer.

An environmental approach

The mountains are a fragile environment that must be protected. In recent years, due to climate change, the Belleville Valley has changed. For example, the glaciers surrounding Val Thorens, such as the Péclet glacier, are melting at a rapid rate.

Based on this observation, Ma Clé IMMO is one of the valley’s few estate agencies to have taken the decision to earn the ISO 14001 environmental label. We are currently in the process of being awarded this label and have already put the following steps in place.

  • Using eco-friendly products to maintain and clean apartments
  • Equipping rental properties with low-energy consumption lightbulbs, water savers and recycling bins
  • The introduction of recycling collection points for Nespresso capsules and plastic corks in our office
  • Using recycled or PEFC paper (environmental certification guaranteeing that the paper comes from responsibly managed sustainable forests)
  • Sending contracts and other documents mostly via email
  • Supplying tenants with an eco-friendly welcome kit
  • Raising tenant and landlord awareness of environmental issues
A human approach

When we started the Ma Clé IMMO estate agency, we wanted to make it really mean something. Not just to sell and rent property in the mountains, but also share.

Thus was born the idea of donate each year a portion of our turnover to associations related to Val Thorens and / or mountain.

How can you contribute?

For every Ma Clé IMMO, agency letting, 1€ will go to an association.

For every Ma Clé IMMO, agency sale, 1% of the fee excl. tax will go to an association.

Since 2 years we have collected a little bit more than 6 500 €. We have chosen to donate to 2 associations.

  • Sports Club of Val Thorens
  • AMEV association (Support Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam)

The idea is of course to get as involved as possible in the project. We want you to know what you have contributed to.

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